Hitchi Hormones Nourishment

Hitchi Chewable Tablets is rich in natural ingredients and just a small chewable tablet can absorb the nutrients you need. The natural ingredients of Hitchi’s chewable tablets have been certified as food grade and consumers can have absolute confidence in our products.

Ritchi Skin Revitalize

Ritchi’s natural ingredients are all ertified as food-grade, and customers can have the ultimate trust and confidence in our products. Facing the true problem of aging everyday, you are able to look young and be beautiful again by taking our product. Our new product will slow down your aging process and allows you to regain your youth again.

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RE2 Mask

RE2 Mask can effectively eliminate mask dangerous “skin”. This mask focuses on maintaining the oil-water balance of the face and improving mild to moderately acne-prone skin, as well as having astringent, antiseptic, and soothing effects on skin irritation or inflammation.

Revitalizing Mask

New Skin Revitalizing formulated with age-defying dual peptides that activate the cell physiological functions of cells (protection, repair and strengthening) to give the skin the most comprehensive anti-ageing treatment. The active ingredients accelerate the skin’s defense system, smoothing wrinkles and smoothing the skin, with excellent anti-ageing effects.

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